About me

Hello, my name is Claire and welcome to my website.

Before becoming a Driving Instructor, I achieved a BA Honours Degree in Early Childhood Studies in which I had many successful years working with children and their families. I later managed a team which meant coming up with strategies to get the best out of everyone; and to provide suitable training to individuals needs’. This is when I realised that teaching & training people on a one to one basis is what I wanted to do.

I live in Atherton with my husband John. We have a beautiful 3-year-old son James, who we named after his great grandad. I am very family orientated and our feet our firmly planted on the ground.

Claire Farrimond

Driving with Claire

I am a fully qualified Government Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and I am passionate about road safety.

I am a good communicator, encouraging, a motivator and empathetic. I’m patient, enthusiastic and calm and I plan every lesson with each ‘student’s needs’ taken into consideration which helps in getting the best out of every pupil I work alongside.

I will never shout, or be sarcastic; neither will I make you feel as though you are ‘in the wrong’. I will take full responsibility of our safety whilst in the car.

I will ensure you strive to be a safe and confident driver who is considerate to other road users.

I hope this gives you a brief idea about me. If you like what you read but you are still a little unsure, or you have any questions then please feel free to Contact me and I will be more than happy to ring you for a chat to put your mind at ease.