“Claire is patient and motivational. She uses different techniques if you don’t understand something. She observed me to see what I was doing and when something is going wrong she would tell me how to correct it. Claire is brilliant. Would recommend!”Read More →

“I would recommend Claire. She made me feel at ease during the lessons and I managed to pass my ‘extended driving test’. I enjoyed the lessons. The lessons were vital to me passing my test and they were value for money. Thanks Claire!”Read More →

Passed first time 04/04/2018. Rated Claire 5/5star and would recommend. Claire was amazing, very helpful and highly supportive. She has helped me pass my test within 2 months! Each lesson was focused which I found very helpful. Claire helped me understand procedures and how to drive as a while. Her punctuality was very good. As well as this, Claire was highly patient with me which increased the amount I took away from each lesson. The price of lessons is great value for money and her car is comfortable and easy to  learn how to drive in and it is modern.Read More →

Passed 1st time I thought that Claire was a very good instructor as she made me feel comfortable, confident and prepared for my test. She does not time waste in lessons and is worth the money. I would strongly recommend.Read More →

Passed 1st time My instructor was very friendly and made my lessons easy to understand, which made it easier for me to learn new things.Read More →

Passed 2nd time Claire is extremely supportive and reassuring whilst always making everything very clear and precise. I would recommend Claire to any new drivers.Read More →